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  • Star_Wars6collector reply don't forget the Swine flu vaccines as well that killed off thousands of people before this mass migration into Europe.
  • Star_Wars6collector reply If you wish to talk about the truth and the facts then we shall, but we shall also honor those whom have died for nothing, and how come there is a racist tax on people that are not Islamic in the middle east
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Strange how all faiths used to live together for thousands of years and now all cultures and faiths are being genocide right out of the middle east to just leave the ISIS faith
  • Star_Wars6collector reply And how come there is no mention of all the killings and mass genocide in Africa by ISIS to spread there own religion
  • Star_Wars6collector reply We never used to have terrorist attacks, now it is happening all the time, so help me to understand because I have talked to people one on one to know that there was mass killings done 10,000 per grave pit in Yugoslavia ages 7 and up slaughtered as well as gay people being thrown off buildings in the middle east, as well as the slaughtering of all religions and people of all cultures, as well as Muslims killing Muslims, why all this killing in the name of God/Allah
  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply Keep not using swear words so we can share more often. There are a lot of videos We'd like to share but people are not professional and use violent profanity! Doesn't make us any better than our enemies when we lower our vocabulary to use violence. GHS God Help Us!
    • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply Did you watch my 6 minutes of hell video, you should because the UN might be behind mass genocide causing earthquakes and tsunamis
    • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply did I use any swears I will have to edit it out, I try not to be vulgar
      • [ – ] Jonathannoel parent reply The swearing is OK. These are adult topics for adult people. If people can't see that you swear when necessary it means the message is not for them. When you swear it precisely conveys urgency and meaning and when it's done naturally it serves a purpose. If someone does not want to watch your video because of the words you use then they are equally problematic.
        • Star_Wars6collector parent reply instead we get an unfair gross tax system, I have to make new Alex jones video's because I can see deeper into what he is really doing and he is a genius because he made a real deep cover to really expose the NWO to win,
        • Star_Wars6collector parent reply We can express words in a more logical way so everyone can watch the video's, if we still have freedom of expression in all artistic ways, but for sure all the systems are frauds because we don't have real set laws, we have manipulations of laws, that is why employers don't pay benefits and there is so much contract work to keep all people enslaved instead of retiring after 30 years of work, the laws are unfair and they would not need unions if we had real fair laws, real 8 hour work days for all people and that would open up more jobs for more people,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I would really like to know who really is running Israel because something is very odd there as well since the media is not reporting on any of the 4th Reich, and well Israel was also made by the Nazi's/ Rothschild family during WW2, so something is very strange,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply Don't forget all those corporations like IBM and many others that aided the Nazi's that are owned by Bush,
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