SCARIEST GAME EVER | Golf with GHondo and DrunkenLeprechaun Number 4

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Ghost only scare me of they are dead. just saying.
  • [ – ] GHondo reply The title implies Leppy would be playing as well. I call false advertising! FAKE NEWS! :) 7:25 - WHAT! You cut out my awesome (pathetic) Gaelic joke? Sad! 12:12 - "I want to meet the developer so I can strangle his wife." - What? Not only is that illegal, but why do something so nice for a guy you don't know? :) A bad outro, made worse by a long black screen at the end. Well done... :)
    • Mister_Shots parent reply Good thing no one cares THAT much about the title or I would be dead by now. :) You keep those Gaelics to yourself ok? And about it being nice or not- depends if his wife is nice or a witch. Depends if he's a dick and she's nice. Also I've never read any articles about this game or the devs so I have no clue if he's even married :) The outro was better with the black screen - the viewers wont go blind now :)
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