Australia's Next Manufactured Epidemic

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  • [ – ] Haerycammel reply What gets me is why anyone watches TV at all anymore, it's a crock of shit and the media here in Aus is no better than American mainstream propaganda.
  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply I've heard many a frothing feminist say the standard of innocent until proven guilty needs to be dropped in cases of rape. They literally want to make it guilty until proven innocent.
  • [ – ] FunkyMunky reply Well I can say without doubt that the woman(?) Anna Hush will not be having any problems with blokes "sexually assaulting" her. The only action she'll ever see is from her middle finger and her vibrating little friend in her bedside table drawer
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Bollocks! This idea that people should stay in education is to prevent our young White people from having kids. Students are well into their 20's by the time they leave. Their education of life has been robbed by so called further education. The young should leave school at 15. The really clever ones that can be trained to be doctors can recieve further education. At present the education is only in existence to mind fill the young with Khazar's crap!
  • FunkyMunky reply Thanks for being so informed about Australian issues. Noone else seems to tell our story as well as you do to raise awareness of our issues down under
  • freerangehobo reply Do these people support the open borders agenda that allows any Islamist to enter their country inverted? If so, do they realize the grave danger they face of being assaulted by one of them? If they think they have a situation now, wait until Islam takes over their schools and government.
  • blazedu reply Innocent until proven guilty? pff, the fuck is that?
  • RamblingMan reply 'kick me out of uni' the end result will be a massive slow down or stop in technological and scientific advancment. Hell even the arts and movies and things get worse when you hire people based on their gender and ethnicity.
  • YoahCat reply Anna Hush was cherry picked for the interview because of her last name. Clear indication of vendetta expanding fake news reports. If you want to spot fake news, look for the coincidental last names in the interviews.
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