Legacy Media Persists in Fixating on Trump's Pre-Political Investment Deals

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  • [ – ] Ulrich_v_Hutten reply Alt-Left: "Resist! Stalin did nothing wrong!" Ctrl-Left: "Trump is Literally Hitler! Russia!" Alt-Right: "We're dissapointed, no DACA, build wall now." Alt-Reich: "Trump is a Zionist Jew Shill"
  • SkogComplex reply This constant harping on what business deals Trump had is more and more proof that the left doesn't know a fucking thing about doing business. They are just out and out as hostile to actual business as they are tolerant of govt corruption.
  • I3UTM reply Even though I did not vote for Trump, I do know that harping on his past business deals is a non sequitur for starters. What one should focus instead is the dealings of the cabinet members of the Trump administration. Which ultimately resides with the responsibility of the Senate, not Trump.
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