The Dark truth about Summer Shredding & Dieting Down

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Hello human! And Mr G-G-G-Gecko!! Your info on shredding is very interesting you know? I am a sheep, so shredding doesn't apply to me, but shedding does. But still, I like to see videos about this kind of health information, so thank you for uploading! Your voice is very clear and informative! I wanted to ask you about this WWE wrestler that I saw, you know? You seem like an expert so maybe you can give some info! This WWE wrestler Jinder Mahal --- a lot of people have been saying he takes drugs to go from Before To After in just a few months, less than half a year? Here is a picture: I don't know anything about such things but just interested in your opinion! I will find you on YouTube to support your channel! Thank you human!
    • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Oh! I could not find a YouTube link on your channel. Could you let me know how to find you? <3
      • JordanMiller parent reply Just type in my name on youtube! (:
      • [ – ] JordanMiller parent reply Thanks Bobby, I like sheep! So fluffy! While he's not huge and this level of muscle could easily be obtained naturally over the years, he has the look of someone taking drugs, and most guys in the WWE are on drugs. Odds are he's on a few drugs but nothing too crazy. ALL LOVE
        • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Thanks for the info human! I just asked cause a lot of people on Reddit are wondering. He went from the first photo to the second in a very quick time, so seems quite crazy! But maybe he just cut back on beer and fatty food and lost the fat so he looks shredded. But his veins and all are popping like crazy too! Hope you will share your YouTube so I can sub you there!
          • JordanMiller parent reply If he did that very quickly and he has a thick dense look to him while he's lean, he's probably not natural. If he just cut down I think he would be a little smaller, I'd say he may be on Win, and maybe a little Test but that hypothetical. My youtube may be linked to my vidme let me check.
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