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  • MarzieMalfoy reply And I just reopened my facebook... ah life is full of regret. I can't believe they removed this and gave you a strike. Youtube is a peice of shit.
  • TeeOneZee reply Facebook muted me for 24 hours when someone called me homophobic and I said yes I was. Immediately muted in less than 20 minutes. Didnt even swear or anything.
  • gutsknucklebone reply You should embed your videos on your own website and post ads. There are many ad companies who will pay you. No need to put up with big brother anymore.
  • SpeedyGaming reply Get ready and this might come sound crazy and conspiratorial to many who don't believe me. But I wholeheartedly believe that the MSM. The corporations are working to push for a One World government. They are silencing dissenters for their blatant disbelief against this idea. Of video creators having the power to become more of an influence and a voice of ingenuity to artists. But in a world where products and glamour make humanity better, the corporations view this rising Renaissance, a threat to their entire operation of communist subversion. The CIA operates in mainstream media now and because google partnered with YouTube. This entire idea of free speech and new ideas were squandered and people were silenced for their differences. It's only a matter of time before the operatives take over the entire internet as a whole before this "New Renaissance" can break free from its oppressors.
  • BoxyPunkChick reply Everyone should share this on Facebook just for the educational purpose. (LOL)
  • Forestal reply Wow, Zuckerberg is NEVER going to crack the Chinese market now-- even Weibo allows for unverified accounts (with higher levels of access/functionality for verified/ sponsored accounts, of course)... but the EU will absolutely love him!
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