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  • aidanjt reply Just remember, mass murdering Buddhists = OK. Imitating Buddha cookie = evil. Communist logic, everyone.
  • Muddywaters reply No talent basement dwelling bigots reflecting their own biases on others. Unfortunately these virtue signalling societal rejects are still able to cause grief. Great job on calling them out on their petty actions.
  • [ – ] Crucifilth reply So I'm taking a social justice class like some sort of double agent I'm invading the echo chamber god help me
  • TurtleSushii reply Woot woot! It’s sugartits!!!
  • KimHanson reply You're right! They do need to latch onto each and every microagression. It is a need, an addiction. It does have the immediate advantage of being less expensive than tobacco or heroin but the long term disadvantage of making you unemployable.
  • amongHpigeons reply Aww Tits, please can you get on Gab? I can't bring myself to use 'the Twatter' (love Vee!) since a Saudi Prince bought major shares.
  • [ – ] matteblack reply Sugartits, is that you at 1:49 in this video? If so, are you an Asian girl? If not, you did a great job of somehow making yourself look Asian. If that's you, I'm super jealous of Patrick!!!
  • BeckyTheWriter reply And don't forget. Sugar Tits is allowed to talk about this, because she's Asian...ish. :D
  • NathanMousey reply Eating snake, chicken, and cat together is a themed dish in China called "dragon, phoenix, and tiger". Eating cat is not common there but if you're poor and an animal breeds quickly...
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