LOL PART 2 | RIP Zachary K Hubbard aka "Zakah 1"

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  • StrykesV2 reply Is Zach the Boston Bomber? Is Zach Benjamin Netanyahu? Is Zach a reptilian? Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z!
  • WarrenKembel reply Polarization Nation Media = 117 (Full Reduction) Central Intelligence Agency = 117 (Full Reduction)
  • Barni_Yamum reply great to see this bullshit again ;D
  • heavyfuzz reply When will the trolls stop they are only actor agents trying to kill the truth...Zachary K Hubbard is exposing a TRUTH to try help people to WAKE UP...Zach"s research is FACTUAL based TRUTH if you look at it and put aside any conceptions you have of the truth....I will also say if ZACH was to look at the logograms of the cuneiform and apply it to his style of Gematria he may very well unlock the true mysteries of the TRUTH hidden underneath the txt of the BI-BLE and find the DOU-BLE meaning hidden in the true CONTEXT not the FALSE context given by the lying Scribes spoken about in Jeremiah 8:8...but thats another story..ZACH will know the TRUTH if he uses the LOGOgrams of the Cuneiform to unlock the true context buried and hidden beneath the txt... My Humble heart goes out to you Zach... I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE WHO READS THIS POST TO HELP OUR BROTHER OUT EVEN IF ITS ONLY A $1 TOWARDS LETTERS & NUMBERS. Look at this way Brothers in TRUTH imagine if Zach didn't come along with his researc...moreh and thousands of hrs of hard in-depth research.. I personally don't agree with the Essence of the research Zach does in how its good for the SOUL but i will say Zach is TRUTH in exposing how we are CON-TROLLED by WORDS through the MAGIC of NUMBERS .. PEOPLE WILL ALWYAS TRY TO KILL THE TRUTH BUT TRUTH CAN'T BE KILLED
  • [ – ] ncoloradofly reply Wow.. this guy really has it in for you. ....he's probably a paid troll for the zionists
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