Mr.Z&Fitness: Supplement Pseudoscience

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  • [ – ] JustinZhao reply I feel like I've spent half my life in nutrition, health food/supplement stores and various sports and gyms. As a strong general rule, most anyone with a typical Western diet doesn't need too many supplements or added protein. IF you have someone in a 'muscle building' phase then I can see why they'd want to be careful to get protein and enough food HOWEVER you can solve that by simply having a double-burger or have 3 eggs for breakfast. or drink a glass of skim milk at some point in the day. Done. That is 99% of the average people in whatever sport in any kind of typical Western diet. The truth is, on average I would easily guesstimate most are getting MORE THAN THEY NEED OR USE. Great video and this is a message people need to hear. Don't pay this 'tax' people. Most of it is totally unnecessary.
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