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  • suckertrash reply being honest does not give you an excuse to be rude or give you a free pass to say what the fuck you like without consequence. so what, you are honest? sometimes it really is better to not be honest if your honest opinion is just a rude evaluation of a persons appearance. onion boy honestly just insults a persons appearance for no reason, not even in a joking manner. why does it matter that he thinks they are ugly? why would he tell shane he thinks they are ugly? oh because he is 100% honest! fuck off that's a lie. we all lie. he must be a jealous bitch to call drew ugly for no reason. another thing, someone who is more overweight than shane asked onion for his honest opinion and he called them "thick". funny how they are "thick" and shane is "fat". hypocrisy and contradictions. he is not immune. he constantly talks down at others and people are sick of him.
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