Tips on working from home

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  • [ – ] NeophyteNomad reply What live desktop is that you are using? It looks great!
    • crua9 parent reply It's real info, but there is skins that are live wallpaper. Rainmeter: (Note the dropbox link within the description of the video) Weather Fix: Edit skin color: Make a GIF into a widget: Make a widget into a button that opens apps/websites:
  • [ – ] NeophyteNomad reply Typically: I get more done by the time most of those people who "don't see me at my desk" first get to their desks in the morning, then they actually get done ALL. DAMN. DAY :-| . Great video, BTW.
    • crua9 parent reply I agree, and studies agree. If I remember right, I think 12% more work gets done with people who work at home. I think sooner or later, most jobs outside of the service market is going to be fully remote. There was a company in NY who went fully remote, and even with paying the people the same amount, not firing or hiring anyone for a year, and so on. They said they increased their net profit by 27% simply not having to pay for the building, insurance on it, permits, etc. So not only you can get better workers, but it appears a company can save about a quarter of what is going out the door by going fully remote.
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