OP;ED - Youtube's Demonetization Censorship or Not

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  • RBTV_Politics reply I think that YouTube is justifiably freaked out over the loss of advertisers and true to their reputation is handling it in a ham-fisted way. The advertisers also need to calm down. The stats I have seen say that about 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Putting human eyes on every minute of it to make sure it is advertiser friendly is impossible and has to be done via automation. Sometimes the automation will fail.
  • smoothcc reply I agree with everything you said bye the way.
  • smoothcc reply Your assessment is very fair and understandable. But you gotta admit you tube deserves some of the hate throw at them. But it doesn't matter in because the free market takes care of things like this. Cough...my space....Cough.
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