Cultural Marxist Of The Month 62017

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  • [ – ] TapeMan reply can I get IT next monthplz?
    • [ – ] veteranmountianman parent reply Maybe are you a cultural Marxist. Because your channel is very bare. Or did you want to select the next Cultural Marxist?
      • [ – ] TapeMan parent reply I am CulturalMARXIST 4 U bebe - i got 2 vids UP
        • [ – ] veteranmountianman parent reply Well so far the two you have up are not really indicative of Marxism. They are more like a new urban legend type stuff. Do you have another social media I can check before you get put on the rotation?
          • [ – ] TapeMan parent reply R u IMPLYING my sexuality as TapeSexual isn't LEGIT? Are u HARRASING me on the internet 4 being tapegender u TRANSPHOBIC RACIST troll fuck? I am a PROUD otherkin TAPE - who doesn't take shit from u SPECIESIST humans!
            • veteranmountianman parent reply Nope it is just you have not yet shown to be a danger to the West through Cultural Marxism, Communism, or Fascism. So you do not qualify. If and when you do sure I will be happy to hand you a CMM award.
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