#RegressiveNews: Has Trump Been Compromised?

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  • [ – ] Perseus_Gold reply They are literally trying to create a "science priesthood" of talking heads who use a mixture of real science and ideology to act as unchallenged "climate denial should be a crime" tier bullshit to control society. Like the Aztec priesthood used mathematics and astronomy to predict celestial events years ahead of time and use that knowledge to mislead the people by claiming needs for sacrifices (of their political opponents).
    • blindfire parent reply Science is a religion to people who don't understand science. You're not far off from reality. Ask the average person some basic questions like how we got here. They'll say evolution, but if you ask them how you know that is true they'll say it is because science says so. They can't show fossil records, can't talk about mass extinctions, can't show evidence of intermediate species, and don't even ask them about things like macroevolution vs microevolution They just say "because some scientists says so" and that is good enough for them. Same thing for global warming "because a scientist says so" or how electric currents work or how airplanes fly. Because science. They never think to question something that is labeled science and is told to them by someone with PhD next to their name.
  • [ – ] Rhyzir reply Will you have Com-Putin Forever shirts?
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply So true, Bill Nye is putting out pornography as science, I think it's just sin!
  • Rhyzir reply If her vagina has its own voice does it also have teeth? Talk about cringe factor!
  • [ – ] SC87Returns reply These Universitys should lose there funding for these stupid SJW/PC rules.
  • RiskePatat reply In a couple of months, that "song" will most probably be at the Eurovision Song contest. Wouldn't be surprised.
  • Critical_Thinker reply No, Bill Nye is not a science guy, and boy er girl? This was so bad on so many levels, why did you have to bring it to my attention? No longer will sugarplums dance through my head, you've taken my innocence away. 😑
  • Politics_N_Games reply Over half of women in Paris are too scared to use public transport due to sex attacks and robberies. Yet they still voted for pro-immigrant candidates. It's beyond belief. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/20/france-60-women-fear-public-transport/
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply Did you catch that song, "just do whatever feels right"? Yes because moral standards of behavior are so last year. If there are not standards for behavior then there are not standards of behavior. The world will descend into a mosh pit of chaos.
    • OceanicTrash parent reply Im confused with what you're saying. In regards to sexuality you should do what feels right as long as it isn't illegal (i.e paedophelia or rape). To say people should do whatever according to "moral standards" is ridiculous because everyone has different morals and there is no universal standard for what being moral constitutes.
    • Partially_Evil parent reply You know, this http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Eldar) seems less like some crazy science fantasy crap and more like the direction our society is actually heading these days. This "just do whatever feels right" and rampant promiscuous sexual shenanigans sound like the beginning of the Pleasure Cults...
  • Xexor reply ""This is the way the world ends . . ., not with a bang but with a whimper". :(
  • ClimatePonziLie reply If hey arrested Assuage then the Terra Bytes of information could be used. It is the last thing that the Democrats want to see happen. There would be a line of reporters waiting to hear the information that Assuage would reveal, there are most likely other people that have copies of much of his material.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Now that Comey is gone Trump can install some Judges that can start the DRAINING of the SWAMP. Senators like McCain has accepted donations from foreign powers. That is illegal and Excessive wages at the Senator Elizabeth Warren created consume finical protection bureau. The sooner he can put good Judges in place the sooner he can start convicting these Corrupt Senators.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Bill Nye gives a talk saying there are many genders to young children. His example is there are Disorders of the Sex Chromosomes 1:400 but he doesn't go further into detail of what this entails: It is misleading to use this statement and not going into further detail of his previous statement. 1 st. delay in onset of puberty, there still male and female, 2 nd. primary or secondary amenorrhea still male or female. 3 rd. infertility; still male and female. 4 th. ambiguous genitalia. Phenotypes associated with sex chromosome disorders are less severe than autosomal defects and this is mainly due to X chromosome inactivation, as well as the fact that Y chromosomes have a low gene content. X chromosome inactivation is the process by which most genes on one of the two X chromosomes in females are silenced epigenetically and randomly, and so fail to produce any product. Where are the teachers that are suppose to be educated professionals. They should be asking Bill for a list of information ...morethat he intends to present. Then they as professionals should be prepared with the facts and appropriate questions and explications/ rebuttals. This shouldn't be aimed at children it doesn't seem age or education related material. Bill Nye has an agenda and cherry picks his science to back his agenda.
  • odfjoadfojndfnjo reply Big fan but I have to point out an engineer is a scientist. Engineering is the application of applied sciences, physics, and mathematics. Therefore you must study the sciences to become an engineer making you, in contrast, a scientist.
  • SilentAssassin reply I respect everything else Nye has done and said but the fact that he's fallen into this black pit of identity politics is indeed sad and troubling.
  • GrimLander reply I'm glad I didn't vote for trump, it's a bit less of a disappointment
  • OceanicTrash reply What is the deep state and how do you prove its existence? The reason trump is compromised as far as I know is he's lost morale. In a recent interview he stated that he misses his old life and thought being president would be easier.
  • [ – ] Xistance reply What we need t o learn that MIGHT IS RIGHT. All this peaceful protest, writing letters culture is ineffective and is proven again and again to be. I hate to say it but after thinking on this for a long time, I have summerised that the in order to reclaim the strength of the western world, we need to reclaim the strength of men. The strong get to decide what the societal paradigm is in essence. For example if western men keep getting weaker then there is then no force to back up the house of cards which is the societal paradigm that we have built over a millenia. If the strength of sub saharan muslims exceeds our in our own countrys (which is starting to despite our greater numbers at the moment) then they get to decide the paradigm as the weighing scales of force is then tipped in their favour... no more votes for women, no more democracy, shariah law, Islamic caliphate..... Don't like it? TOUGH you cant do anything about it because you are weak. We need to become physically strong, r...moreeclaim the power of our masculinity and restore order with FORCE.
    • OceanicTrash parent reply Martin Luther King got a lot of good done without violence. This brings me to what I think the problem with activist movements today is. None of them have leaders, and as a result of having no leadership nobody is ecactly sure what they are fighting for. Take BLM for example. Some members of that particular movement are violent and want to kill whites while other members seek to bridge the gap between the police and the black community. Because they don't have a leader to speak for them and define what it is they stand for nobody can take them seriously and determine what it is that needs to be changed. If we resort to violence like you're suggesting we'll end up back in the medieval times and chaos will reign.
  • Weeznaz reply Trump isn't compromised: he's just an establishment puppet. Looking back at his lifestyle and decisions he's made in his lifetime it is clear if he got into the white house it would be a chaotic gong show and Trump would do nothing but enrich himself.
  • Partially_Evil reply #MakeAmericaTheSameAgain :(
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