#RegressiveNews: Video Games Cause Entertainment

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  • [ – ] nekollx reply oh it gets worse withthe facebook article, this guy on PC MAGAZNE is calling for a BAN on LIVE STREAMING. all LIVESTREAMING http://www.pcmag.com/commentary/351272/live-streaming-video-needs-to-stop
  • [ – ] DorianSpecter reply I wonder how many "violent" video games child soldiers around the world play, that must be the reason those children pick up and use firearms.
  • JadeJicama reply Ah, yes, 'video games cause violence', a platform that got Jack Thompson DISBARRED! Let's keep running with that! And, as for the 'furries vs pet play', two things: 1) since when do LGBTQ accept Allies? 2) ask three different furries what the definition of 'furry' is and you'll get four different answers is the prevailing belief that was rampant when I was in that scene.
  • SamEarl13 reply I personally think that violent videogames have the potential to lower crime rates, since they are a great way to relieve stress (especially the GTA games with cheats or mods enabled). If people suddenly weren't able to take out their stress/anger on virtual people there'd be far more attacks on real people instead.
  • Avuki reply Everyone that's not an idiot ! MOVE TO MARS !
  • blazedu reply How depressed and furious can i get this week? in 9 or so minutes of course. Look, furries and pet play are a thing but what the fuck does it has to do with education? Holy shit what does any of this have to do with education? This was the point i just lost it. What if they start "teaching" poop-related fetiches next? or vore? or tentacle porn. Just shut up and get out of the educational system you fucktard frauds.
  • Waces_Ferpit reply I'm a furry :P And even their explanation is fucked up. It's more about just being a fan of anthropomorphic animals (Animals with human characteristics e.g. Bojack Horseman or Zootopia), those 'costumes' are a detail SOME rich people have, costing up to thousands of dollars. And well, no, i won't lie, but yes, some people have different reasons, even if they are actually sexually attracted or they just like the idea, or more of being part of a cool community. Sorry, but i just got this where i need to correct someones bull-shit about furries... 'thanks' people that tried to 'help' furries and end up making people hating us 10 times more :P Angry lizard lol. Nice video tough :3
  • ZachZ reply Hitler wore hats. Trump wears hats. Therefore Trump is Hitler
  • BenjiJames reply @ComputingForever - Debunking & destroying the mainstream, one video at a time ;) Freakin' legend
  • Spearra reply They might as well say osu! is training people to be terrorists because clicking a circle is akin to shooting somebody in the head. Though with the downward spiral Olympic Oppression Clown Fiesta Games people be playing, they probably will. Calling it now.
  • Rob_Silvermyst reply Again with the news not knowing what they are talking about when it comes to furries. 1.> Furries are not solely people who enjoy dressing up in costumes. Given the typical full suit costs on average $2000 and up, less than 30% of the furry community even owns a costume, full or partial. The central part of the fandom is, an appreciation for the art style and creating their own content, as opposed to centering solely around someone else's own content, like Trekkies, Whovians and the like. 2.> People often equate furries to sexuality and fetish. While every community that exists has porn and sexualization, it is not a focus, and the fandom does not revolve around it. What people do in the bedroom is their own personal thing. Like any fandom, people have their own individual reasons for becoming a part of one.
  • Aliquem reply I've played video games since I was 6. It's done nothing but help me notice small details in everything around me. I still haven't had any violent urges.
  • LeftHeadGrave reply Penn and Teller did more research on this than CNN. ...Side note, Penn and Teller B.S. is worth watching.
  • [ – ] sunshine11 reply Heh, I personally think it's cool that furries and stuff are being talked about. I'm not a furry, but it doesn't bother me and I don't understand why people freak out about it.
    • sunshine11 parent reply But also... Objective truth is a myth... Objective truth is seeing the truth minus an overlaying layer of emotional crap. WTF
  • The_Stupid_It_Hurts reply so mission to mars, how can i sign up Dave
  • shrugger reply Get your ass to Mars!
  • shamewar9917 reply No More Room in Hell
  • Shimeran reply Funny thing is if there's no one truth then they can't really claim their narrative is more valid than any other, making that an argument for free speech, not against.
  • Cellblock776 reply This video reminds me I have an episode of The Expanse recorded to watch when I get home from work tonight.
  • towbar1965 reply So funny. true you
  • ianjarrett reply You should've played manhunt gameplay
  • Leadhead reply MSM, and CNN in particular, facts are irrelevant.
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply Everytime. It's al.ost as bad as SargonOfAkkads content in terms of cringe. It makes me hate the human species.
  • EquallyWorthless reply News headlines are like a price that ends in 99 cents. You know $9.99 is really ten dollars, and whatever a sensationalist or clickbait-y title says is probably the exact opposite of reality or omitting significant details that drastically change the context.
  • [ – ] MackenzieLambert reply What game is being played in the beginning? That looks like the type of zombie game I've been waiting for.
    • EquallyWorthless parent reply It looks like it might be Zombie Panic or Zombie Panic Source. A Half-Life/Source Engine mod. You can get it for free on Steam. I don't play many multiplayer games, so my opinion isn't worth much, but I liked it well enough.
  • subbdog44 reply But who watches CNN?
  • Broadcast_Station_MinTV reply Oh my god, I played a dating sim, I'm now a sexist pervert pedophile furry. Because EVERY dating sim with a male main character is going to feature sex SOMEWHERE and is therefore in no way safe for public consumption.
  • rubbishycrap reply "Do you want to come to our LGPTQOIHALKWTFSHITBALLS Furrys convention?" "Yiff!"
  • [ – ] kajunek reply Hey, I've started using this site lately thanks to Dave and I'm still learning it. So does anyone know why there is no "downvote" button on vidme?
    • [ – ] Cellblock776 parent reply From my short time here I believe that Vidme is trying to encourage more positive comments and interactions in its' "community" and less trolling or arguing which has become epidemic on many YT channels. It's why many channels have jumped over here. But I could be completely wrong.
      • kajunek parent reply That might be the case, but the world is not simply a positive place and being able to voice a negative opinion about something is a big part of the freedom of speech. For example when someone disables rating on their youtube video you know that it is probably some bullshit that get a ton of dislikes. When you go to any SJW video on youtube rating is either disabled or they have 10/1 dislike ratio. In my opinion there should be a "downvote" button on vidme.
  • madel_schmadel reply So if the truth doesn't exist, then what claim at all do SJWs even think they have. They just deplatformed themselves.
  • SurfersSelfies reply love the video man :P
  • AnimeReviews reply I don't want to hear about creeper furries, the last thing I heard about a group of furries, I heard about male rapists raping a boy dressed as furries!
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Hey thats why CNN is FAKE NEWS RIGHT? Hey, what else do we expect by now unfortunately.....
  • valereth reply Oh Jesus. 1. The vast majority of furries do not even own costumes. 2. Most that do do not have sex in them God. You knew it would only be a matter of time before these jackasses started demanding teachers lie to them
  • Huktoz reply ''YO YO''
  • [ – ] SYD_RYDR reply Let not forget Fox news LOVES these types of headlines. Like every T.V media outlet is on the agenda GPS => Murderous psychopath.
  • WolfyAU82 reply What can I say, the Liberal Left are idiots when concerning venatology.
  • Muddywaters reply If anyone is to blame this form of violence it is the likes of CNN with their depression causing content consisting of unrelenting messages of need and doom.
  • Waces_Ferpit reply No More Room in Hell ;)
  • whatisthenameofthegame reply What is the name of the game?
  • TiberiusDuraga reply "Video Game, as you know, are First Person Shooters," Jesus Christ that made me cringe!
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