The Deep State's Nixon Blueprint

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  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Sorry about the typing, spelling, grammar errors. I haven't figured out how to edit the comment once it's made: "Corporation have "no" moral obligations".
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Did share your vlog!
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Sorry went on a rant. Some of my best work is done in rants. Sorry you got the brunt of it. ...............Well, we were enslaved to the Fed in 1913, or as soon as the wealthy Rockefeller, Morgan etc. Stolen the election with a man who was sick as a dog! Wilson. A no one! He knew nothing! John Locke from the late 1600's wrote the second Treaties of government. Most of the Declaration of independence is taking write out of that thesis. He said, and of course, it's true: Whoever is trying to or would enslave you he is at War with you. That has been the plight of America 1913. Of course, it didn't happen over night there is also the 14th or 17th amendment made to ensure black people had property instead of that, the courts, crooked courts, used it to twist the law and give corporations who are without a soul or moral obligations before God and their fellowman: giving them equal rights. But if rights come from God the individual rights supersede corporate rights because the indi...morevidual is not only responsible for providing for himself and profit but also for his family, the corporation is responsible "morally" to no one and exist only to make "profit. Whereas a man must also produce "love", care, guidance, religious training, education, morals to his wife children etc. Life and laws are cold hearted when you just bring everything down to "Money" or "profit". It is also unjust, corrupt and vile, debased, etc. There is nothing good in it.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Probably was the deep State in the 70's! Nixon was one of them. Anyone using the Dollar isn't fit to run the country. You have to go in and shut down that monstrous fake wealth making machine day 1. Arrest everyone in government and lock them up. See how many knew the about the Fed, 1913 Wilson a false President, Bankers Wars, depression scam, media propaganda, chemtrails, brainwashing, vaccines, public schools, etc. And didn't try to say something or stop it. Then kill them all in front of firing squads. Just my opinion.
  • jivenderosis reply Very interesting.
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