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  • yuiopads reply Top 10 anime plot twists
  • BigDaddyStarBomber reply Ayo, this shit got locked on private for being "misleading". Fucking hell, mate.
  • [ – ] xKontrol reply i remember when this cuck uploaded this to youtube. it got super viral and now whenever i see him he brags about it. its the only reason why he even has a channel still. just admit it dude.
    • [ – ] xKontrol parent reply wow, you say your content is obviously better than my content that i spend more time on them and actually care what goes up on my channel. i dont see any heavily edited videos that sometimes take hours, no im not just shit at editing, i just care what goes in my apparently shit videos that i dont put ANY time into. i feel like a pussy now...
    • BigDaddyStarBomber parent reply bruh, you're a shit liar. it's not even viral by modern YouTube standards. also, it's kinda the opposite. whenever you see that video, you feel the need to spam my fucking comment sections with complaints about your """""legit""""" shit. stop whining and jump off a bridge.
  • Starseed reply That makes me moist lmao *jk Bahaha wtf
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