Make A Concrete Leaf

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  • [ – ] mintteamew reply I simply MUST try this when summer arrives! Your videos are so wonderful thank you for posting them here on vidme. You have inspired a new interest in my life, I can't thank you enough!
    • [ – ] Dramamask parent reply That is so nice of you to say and thank you! Rhubarb leaves and Gunnera leaves are really good to cast with concrete, so I certainly recommend those leaves and also there are other leaves, which I haven't tried yet. It is really good fun to make the casts and relatively straightforward too! :)
      • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply I never would have found out about this if not for you. So when I make my first attempt I'll be sure to film it and put it up with a link to your channel because these are really so beautiful and hopefully others will be as inspired as I am.
        • [ – ] Dramamask parent reply That will be cool and look forward to seeing you make a video making the leaves! I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results! I'll be looking through more of your videos, as it looks like you have some interesting stuff going on! :)
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