Colbert to be Schlonged by FCC over Obscene Trump Remarks

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  • void1029 reply I think we need more hardcore porn on cable during daytime hours
  • Watcher-Seer reply Advertisers start caring when boycott campaigns are in the wind. Until that moment, controversy = sales.
  • I3UTM reply Add this t0 another government agency that is useless now as the WWW is almost 30 years old; It is nearly improbable to now regulate "moral" language in this day and age.
  • SamEarl13 reply I also agree something like that shouldn't be a thing, I don't listen to radio at all and a big reason is because no one seems to have a personality on there at all and it puts me to sleep (and music apps like spotify plus the tonnes of stations you can get online have made them pointless anyway).
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