Why I'm Fed Up With Facebook

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  • [ – ] jaxx_n_jill reply I validate you. I had to delete my Facebook account because it feed into my already insecure feelings about myself. I do not miss it one bit, and nobody misses me. And I've come to be just fine with that. Bless you.
    • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply I used to be connect to hundreds. I deleted and started a new one for closets friends (5 years or more) and family. It's best to be in the real world than the virtual world.
      • [ – ] Mercey parent reply Yeah; I only know a fairly small portion of the people I'm connected to on social media (Facebook, in this case) in real life. I've deleted so many people now that I'm down to a 200+ friend count as of right now. I have yet to meet the 100+ people. Some of them I'd rather not meet, though. A lot of them are just so problematic.
        • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply However Mercey, tel me if I am wrong but after watching this video I am guessing you might feel the same way I do. We want to connect with others (normal, all people are built with this need). We want our ideas and art to be shared and received. The question is: how do we do this and balance our well being? I don't know the answer. I only now use it for close friends/family. About 20 people. Studies confirm Facebook is problematic for our mental well being: Too much social media 'increases loneliness and envy' - study http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/03/06/much-social-media-increases-loneliness-envy-study/ A New, More Rigorous Study Confirms: The More You Use Facebook, the Worse You Feel https://hbr.org/2017/04/a-new-more-rigorous-study-confirms-the-more-you-use-facebook-the-worse-you-feel 7 Ways Facebook Is Bad for Your Mental Health https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sex-murder-and-the-meaning-life/201404/7-ways-facebook-is-bad-your-mental-health
          • [ – ] Mercey parent reply Very true... a sizable portion of individuals DO seek to connect with others to formulate kinship and what-not. And, yes... we DO want our art to be shared and received by the masses. Having under-viewed content and overlooked beliefs is extremely discouraging, especially to someone like me who's depressed a majority of the time.
            • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply I can relate. I've battled depression too. I hope you stay in touch. I checked our your channel and took the time to comment because I sensed you need some uplift and validation. I can see myself in what you communicate in this video.
    • [ – ] Mercey parent reply I'm terribly sorry for my late reply! Thanks for commenting! For me, Facebook has kind of made me miserable and isolated from interpersonal interaction. That's where I took issue. Which is why I take a brief breaks every now and then. I mainly use it as a means of marketing my content and what-not sometimes. Other than that, it pretty much bores me just like Instagram and Twitter pretty much.
      • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply I gave up on it for self-promoting. I used to get 20-50 reactions. Now I am lucky to get 2-5 reactions despite much improved content. I suspect Facebook does not like videos from other video platforms. Here's more proof how hostile Facebook is about self-promoting. Post too much to Facebook and it will be assumed that you're spreading fake news https://betanews.com/2017/07/01/too-many-posts-equals-fake-news/
        • [ – ] Mercey parent reply In order for any of my posts on my profile(s) to gain any kind of traction (whether that's reactions, shares, or comments), I usually have to do or say something overtly comedic. I say this because I know how gullible my connections are on there. If I post something that's weighed heavy on my mind/psyche; whether that's a general post with text or a rant video, I probably won't exceed 12 likes unless its something very simple to understand. Its very discouraging. So sometimes I just keep things to myself so I can project my thoughts to a person in real life. Its better that way sometimes. But, at the same time, a lot of people I've interacted with are a bit petty, irrational, and/or arrogant... so if I say something a bit extensive or articulate they kind of try to turn a blind eye to it or bash me and then when I defend myself I end up becoming deprived of something...
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