The Alt-Left?!? (Solid Liberal)

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply What the hell??? Why you attacking my people!!!!??? SJWs don't get offended by everything!!!! Stop culturally appropriating my people! Btw I like your hair like this. This is a good look you should keep it that way. #ReturnOfOldRocky #PraiseBeToRocky
  • [ – ] Double-T reply I'm not alt-right but I am a moderate conservative. I hold Catholic views on life and how I want the world run basically. I don't believe in political violence because Jesus does not ask us to react with aggression when our enemies attack us. Fix things the way they're supposed to get fixed, through courts and through laws. This whole white nationalism thing gets blown out of proportion though I think. Just because people like the way their country was made and they like Western culture doesn't make them racist for wanting people to assimilate into the country. I do however take issue when people are anti-Semitic and think that white people are the master race. Living in Canada I've grown up with diversity and seen that diversity does make us stronger but we all need to be on the same playing field. When you begin to mix cultures that on one side believes in gay marriage and the other side believes in throwing gays off buildings and they're not willing to accept gay marriage then we ha...moreve a huge problem and cultures clash. ALSO: you wouldn't have the alt-right and white nationalists rising up if we didn't have an SJW culture the past few years with the rhetoric of "fuck white people" and especially "fuck white men and their toxic masculinity". I'd love to have a discussion with you sometime Rocky on Skype or something so let me know.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Not gonna respond to ur points here because I would love to have that skype call some time soon, I think it would be fun
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply Extremists groups have taken over each perspective movement. Alt-Right movement was created to say a big fuck you to the SJW and Neocons. A bunch of meme'rs from /pol/ were sick and tired of the same old bullshit happening in this country, if it not been for Trump we wouldve seen Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton. Stormfags (also known as white supremacists) saw the opportunity to take a hold of this movement and try to win people over. The Alt-Left was created by Alt-Righters who were tired of seeing the "Alt-Right" name dragged under the rug while Antifa laid waste to conservatives and didnt feel much repercussion. Guilt by association if you will.
    • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets parent reply This is why I consider myself the new right, and Crazy Rocky the new left. Our views are generally more central, and allow for people to have more freedoms. The term Alt is thrown around like some kind of stereotype, which I why I don't really use it anymore. You are right, the far right are actually the neocons/far left (one in the same Imo), and the SJWs are just rebranded from hard, more radical leftists. In history though, it shows extremists on both sides generally share the same views
      • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Absolutely true. The extremists just get grouped up and named something, but it doesnt change what they are. And you are right about extremists being almost the same for example only difference between socialists and communists is how they explain their thinking/how they go about it but it ends the same. Thanks for watchin man
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Totally agree that extremists have taken over both parties, and I'm hoping that stops at some point soon. Thanks for the comment bb
      • MFKraven parent reply i love your videos bb, make more Solid Liberal and overtake Computing Forever and all these other dweebs
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply I was waiting to see if talked about Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Who by your alt left definition are not they also wouldn't be considered alt right. So where would they fit in? Antifa and Black Lives Matter are extremist groups who don't care about laws, equality, or the constitution.
  • [ – ] Remicat reply welcome to the right wing!
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply Thank you for making this informative video, I wanted to make a post about this because of Trump's mistake.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply No problem! Thanks for watchin, and I'm sure a post from you would be quite informative as well.
      • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply No problem! And it was going to be a Tweet chain if anything, if I just share this video it would make just as much as an impact of me going on a Twitter rant tbh. Hopefully it's okay if I do that.
  • [ – ] PurpleMelbourne reply Nice to hear someone on the left who is actually sensible :-) What will happen to the left once the media dam breaks and truth of the high levels of insanity are exposed? national SOCIALISTS are of course, socialists. What will happen if more than a few start to realise that Charlotteville was a Socialist factional brawl between factions of the left. KKK is the Democrat militia of the South, NAZI's are long march socialists who think that going straight for international socialism wont work. And there were a bunch of right wing people who somehow got suckered into letting a bunch of Commie's walk with them? Morons. Kek would be ashamed of them for being so stupid. Obviously they deserve a fash bashing for their stupidity of accepting the lefy KKK and NAZI's masquerading as conservatives.
  • [ – ] Ockhams_Cannon reply Imagine a group of children have surrounded a dog. It's an ugly dog. It's a smelly and otherwise unpleasant dog but it has not attacked or hurt anyone. Further imagine that these children are throwing stones at the dog and poking it with sticks. Imagine that they are using urine and feces and chemicals and make shift flame throwers to torture the dog. Imagine that they have been torturing this dog for hours. Also imagine that the parents of these children and other adults are watching over the spectacle, but instead of curbing and correcting the children's behavior they are actually allowing it to happen. Even encouraging it. Finally imagine that the dog snaps under the stress and attacks one of the children.. Let's say that the child dies from the injuries. Tragic? Yes. Sad? Maybe. Surprised? Not even a little bit. Blame the dog? Not me. That's because I'm not an idiot.
  • DashRipRock reply Most intelligent people, I believe, understand the whack-job 'Alt-Left' to be the insane AntiFa psychopathic types, that are completely intolerant to any ideology, other than their own, extremely twisted ideas.These are absolutely not individuals that can peacefully coexist with any reasonable people. They are the extremist, hate-filled SJW's.
  • annadasilva reply The problem is that George Soros wants dumbass people on both sides to fight each other to the death and then come in and bring in globalism. Wake up people you are getting played for fools.
  • theoldsparrow reply Welcome to the new center, where we vote third party but the votes don't matter unless it's for blaming us for your candidate losing. There needs to be a revitalization in other parties besides the Democrats and the Republicans because both extremes are out of order and they're the only ones getting the media attention.
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply Uh Mormons aren't allowed to have political views. God is now mad at you.
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