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  • JackDinn reply fuck you Suit, thats half my I.Q. down the shitter and i ant getting that back any time soon :(
  • MultiKillerjoe reply Why would anyone want to listen to a a mentally unstableperson that thinks they are spacecow without a gender? Not trying to sound like a bully but wtf is wrong with people now a day's
  • [ – ] Jesser1975 reply I was one of the women who chose housewife as my profession. I was slightly incensed when she said I was enslaved. I bet the reason she's so screwed up is because her selfish mother put a career above child rearing on her priority list.
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply You're probably right on point.
      • Jesser1975 parent reply I live in Utah, where at least %25 of families still have a parent who stays home or only works twenty hours a week. It's quite easy to spot the daycare-raised brats, because we have enough kids raised in the ideal environment to know the difference. They're the ones with the blue hair and 8,000 genders.
  • SirAdamantine reply Those! Some people openly advertise their damage, which is good for avoidance purposes.
  • Scarlet1Reaper reply expand (possible spam) Hey suit, nice to see you on here too
  • BadOPCode reply Wait... Hold on... how can you support Feminism when you don't think there is truly females? Isn't it ignorant to be a feminist if it's ignorant to believe in two genders? So... shouldn't she be like a gender-fluidist or a magic-unicorn-ist or whatever?
  • Leadhead reply Is she a dichead or a cunt?? Can't seem to sort that one out.
  • Shimeran reply So by her logic isn't anyone who's anti MRA bad for egalitarianism?
  • [ – ] DiscoProJoe reply You should let your "guest" talk for awhile before making your counterpoints. Otherwise, you come across as a bully who can't be taken seriously. I stopped watching after a few minutes. What is this, middle school?
  • Crypter27 reply She's a total degenerate
  • CapnPipsqueak reply Aliens? Welcome back, Commander...
  • NapoleonBonaparteRising reply Just by her title, I can tell she's dumb as fuck.
  • NapoleonBonaparteRising reply The intro alone made me upvote and follow
  • VoltaicFire reply She's not a feminist, she just can't get laid with that fat face and old person haircut. Oh and near everything she says it phenomenally stupid.
  • The_Lamb reply I wonder who changes her nappies and the bastard who plugged her into to wall to trickle charge her overnight before she made this shite needs to be shot! How do you like your pork? Pulled? Shreaded? Well Suit and Undoomed can do that for you, not with Pork though, just juicy Feminists :) Cheers.
  • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen reply Fuck yea Halloween intro!
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply I love the ending, communist dictator much? She feels everyone to F Off if you don't agree with her and disables comments LMFAO
  • loke27 reply I actually felt my brain cells committing suicide watching this damn. .......:-(
  • Scarlet1Reaper reply Hey suit, nice to see you on here too 👍
  • Scarlet1Reaper reply Hey suit, nice to see you on here too 👍
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