This Week in Stupid (25/06/2017)

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  • ThePowerofGreyskull reply Moved over from YT
  • D33pPrpl reply Looks like we will have to move to sights like this one of we want to watch our favorite creators.
  • FrogBros reply The loser the wrote the Otto hitpiece can be found here: Here is something she recently wrote: Let me tell y'all about the woman who got corporate sponsorship to buy school supplies for my followers. This a woman who has been donating to me significantly and regularly for nearly a year. She's a white woman from a white ass place. She basically went to her bosses and asked them to use money in the budget earmarked for charity that has to be used by the end of their fiscal year to buy the things Black folks need for their children from school. Now this is not about praising a white woman, so don't ever get shit twisted. This is about demonstrating how not pandering weeds out all the bullshit. I built my platform on never ever pandering to white people and I've stayed true to that shit. As a result, white folks who follow me faithfully know what is expected and owed: Tangible fucking transfers of assets. They know I'm not throwing them a par...moreade for a donation to some Black charity where everything gets held up in red tape and very little gets passed on to the Black folks they claim it's for. They know that they need to be delivering shit my people can see. Like school supplies for single mothers that keeps money in their pockets, or cash to my folks directly, or contacting me about coding camp for Black kids and offering to pay registration fees. So if you're thinking that pandering and being nice is the way to go, it ain't. Anybody who's really tryna be about it, will be the fuck about it. Stop kissing ass for scraps. Someone needs to let this company know their money earmarked for charity is being given to a racist who teaches her own children to be racists, something she is proud of and advocates: ...about sharing, I made it clear that it's crucial we teach Black kids that they can say "no" to white kids whenever they want...The white people are losing it...I just wonder if they know no one gives a fuck and that them whining about how if their kids did it, it would be racist doesn't change the fact that I'm teaching mine that Billy's nor Sally's entitlement trump his agency. Unbelievable!!
  • gogzter reply Cool. Lets bin youtube and give this place a try
  • [ – ] notatheist reply First
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