Top SNES Games (#15-#13)

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  • OnlyLevelOne reply Video starts off with Pink the Porno and ends with a "Women holding a wiener." And that's just #15 - #13. ;)
  • TheMixitman reply Love the vid! Totally forgot Mario Paint even existed lol hated it! -- also, thanks for reminding me of haha
  • e_jeck reply Lol @ OnlyLevelOne
  • BlondeNerd reply @e_jeck - Thank you! I'm definitely trying the good ol' method of lots of water and lots of video games! But yeah, I'm so happy I have those memories as well. Same with you and your little bro!
  • e_jeck reply I am glad that you had these experiences with your dad. I played the original Contra on the NES with my younger brother and still have wonderful memories of that time. Thank you for sharing. Get well soon!
  • Kutangelwings reply super nintendo had so many great games, it's still one of my favorite consoles of all time!
  • RetroGamePlayers reply Mario Paint is SOOOO amazing
  • Bobbert_Salmen reply good vidme video 10/10 IGN
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