It's Just...A War Against The Diversity Of Thought

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  • monster_mandy reply Propaganda is used as a form of escapism. So it's enjoyable in the beginning but over time a person is going to become disinterested in hearing the same thing over and over. Then comes the frustration and anger. Then the questioning begins leading to the search of something new. I'm new to comics but I can already see there is going to be a revival, there has to be. However it will be a battle most likely from a legal status but what other option will these people have when they can't sell a comic to pay their bills. Well that's my theory.
  • [ – ] monster_mandy reply The culture war can't be won with propaganda because it's not memorable. Give a kid who has consumed nothing but it an adventurous well thought out story and let the red pilling begin.
    • CaptainFrugal parent reply I think you are onto something here, we need to get good books to the kids and let that push out the garbage!
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