Simple and Inexpensive DIY Project of the Week

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  • [ – ] CatPaws reply At first I thought you had the same tall candle holders that I have (I found them by the dumpster) until you panned the camera up. The bases are similar. The metal pole holding up the candleholders were wrapped in twine. Not my look. So I took the twine off and spray painted them black, well one. I ran out of paint. Put the project to the side and never finished it. (I'm using them for food and water feeders for the birds that visit me) This makes me want to finish them =^_^=
    • Country_Boy_Tactical parent reply Oh right, it is really unusual piece and I found it out in a shed, it's old yet I can't figure out what it is yet. Worked perfect as a lantern holder for when I was in the deep dark woods, once I staked it down. ;)
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