Le Pen trumps the French Media

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  • [ – ] 500ml reply how come you don't put these videos on youtube any more? I didn't even know you moved.
    • [ – ] VladTepesBlog parent reply The YT channel has 2 strikes. 1 more and its deleted. Best to wait till its refreshed and safe. Meanwhile, this platform shows real views. Much higher than Youtube, yet its obscure. interesting?
      • [ – ] 500ml parent reply youtube doesn't count views where your video was embedded in a website. It only counts views from people watching it directly on youtube. Maybe vid.me counts all views.
        • [ – ] VladTepesBlog parent reply Youtube CLAIMS it does show embedded views. I looked that up a couple of times. And I see evidence that it does to a degree, when I do not publish a video but make it unlisted and embed it. No community views, all embedded views. But there is huge disparity. I have 12,000 subscribers on YT yet views are typically lower. Something not right. Read when Google met Wikileaks. You get the idea of the ethos at Google/Youtube.
          • [ – ] 500ml parent reply It could be people clicking on the embedded video to view it on youtube. I do that to see the bigger version. I do believe Google is trying to soft-censor videos which does not fit its ideology however.
            • VladTepesBlog parent reply There is no doubt of it. The evidence is enormous. Even the search engine results are deliberately skewed. There are proofs of that out there which I have read. The Assange book is essential reading as I mentioned but also, the head of Google is the only person that visited the Obama White House more than the Muslim Brotherhood.
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