An Introduction to Tex Murphy

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  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply I have heard of these games but since i never played on pc (strictly console gamer) i don't know 'em. But this is about to change and i definitely will give this fantastic franchise a chance!!! Thanks for hitting me up, dave!!!
    • [ – ] lepke1979 parent reply Their next big sell might not be until November or December, but GOG usually sells the Tex Murphy series as a bundle. If you can wait a few months, can probably pick it up for about $10. Can also get Tesla Effect for about $7 on Humble Bundle in one of their bundles going on for the next 10 days.
      • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Thanks for the detailed information; i have to buy a pc first so the 2nd suggestion has to wait and i may have to pay a little more - which i'll gladly do for a great game. My problem is i want a gaming and visual arts (incl. animation) capable machine - which are diametrically opposite in requirements as far as i know... But i will find a compromise/solution.
        • [ – ] lepke1979 parent reply Don't know about opposing requirements. But on the bright side, all but Tesla Effect were made nearly two decades ago. So any computer made in the last decade would be capable to play them (excluding probably Tesla Effect).
          • Platypus67 parent reply Thanks. Yeah, i know; but i want a good machine which is capable of handling both - and doesn't cost the world... 😜👍
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