TL;DR - Simon Murphy Doesnt Understand Journalistic Integrity

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  • [ – ] BehindYou reply I know you're a deer and all, but would you consider fucking a human right up the ass? Maybe they could absorb some of your knowledge through the sperm. Just a thought.
  • Temerity reply I'm seeing links to the same kind of dishonesty that GamerGate was made to fight against.
  • Reeedom-of-Speech reply A link I've found calling for the resignation of this fucking cock womble. Please sign and share it
  • [ – ] CodeHandLuke reply I believe that this is just a small part of something bigger. As 179L has said "...the battle for YouTube as means for the free exchange of information has been lost. Google has given advertisers & governments the power to censor absolutely anything they want. According to the New York Times (April 4th), they've armed them with "computer systems to break down the images of a YouTube video frame by frame, analyzing every image. They also digest what is being said, the video’s description from the creator and other signals to detect patterns and identify subtle cues for what makes a video inappropriate."
    • Reeedom-of-Speech parent reply Agreed. It's black and white to me, pull the advertisers to kill the only competition to the MSM. If they're the only media platform, people will HAVE to buy their papers again. It's transparent and blatant, and they won't get away with it because of us pesky kids.
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