K-on! the Ultimate Adaptation

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  • TCC180 reply miss kobayashi's dragon maid is pretty good so far, despite the apparently awful original manga. there are some parts that are pretty cringe worthy (the weird shouta bits specifically) but it seems like a pretty good example of what you're talking about here.
  • duffy reply love how you put this in the context of american remakes.
  • canuslux reply So is Kyoto animation to anime what Rockstar is to video games in terms of details? Like backgrounds and ambience and stuff. If it is, gotta check out more of this Kyoto stuff then.
  • imabigboyyeah reply I always thought that being bombarded by club requests was what she expected to happen, and the scene of the club pamphlets on the board as what really happened which is why there's no real indication that it wasn't the same day
  • TheGamingCentaur reply As a reader of the manga, and someone who avoided the anime because of the hype around it, it's good to know that the anime is better since the more I read K-On, the more I just got bored of it and felt it was getting less and less "funny". Guess I better check out the K-On anime in the future.
  • thekoty reply Came here expecting to find Girlish number video, found this pearl. FeelsPlayed.
  • [ – ] JaredMithrandir reply I hate Rotten Tomatos. HOw about something similar on how Lucky Star compares to the Manga?
  • MichNeko reply So basically the manga author was incompetent and Kyo-ani saved K-on from being barely remembered as a boring manga.
  • Thievishlogin reply K-on is by far one of my favourite anime and, i'm glad to see you circumventing the youtube copyright crap to talk about it.
  • John_Leviathan reply anyone else from youtube?
  • John_Leviathan reply Mugi is gay? Nigga say what? o_0
  • the_gneech reply Keep talking about K-On! and I'll keep watching. More K-On! pls. :D -The Gneech
  • NuclearCherries reply I always felt this way when reading the manga, but I've now got a new found respect for how all the small animation touches really propels K-On from being "good" to being a "masterpiece". Would love to hear your thoughts about the sequel manga that takes place in college. I think it's pretty mediocre.
  • erejnion reply Nope, Digi, even the good series can receive great adaptations. Take the other 4koma whose adaptation greatly expanded the material: Hidamari Sketch. The anime doesn't really do something THAT different from the manga. Even the added material is more or less in the same nature as the content of the manga. And of course, it shows in the way the manga itself incorporates the anime-original material at a later point. Then why is the Hidamari anime considered better than the manga? Because of the added value from what animation as a medium has more than the drawn form: Shaft's directoring style, the voice actors, the music, the framing of each episode that would just be obnoxious in the short 4koma format... In the same time, what is common between the two mediums - the art and the narrative - stays the same, at least in spirit if not literally. tl;dr: the Hidamari anime doesn't fix anything from the source material. It only ADDS to the charm.
  • 99yuf reply I bet if you watched Kaikan Phrase, the anime with K-On's screenwriter about the rock band based on the otome manga, you would have been able to bring it up.
  • FelipeL reply So Digi, one of my favorite scenes of K-ON! is on episode 8, starting at 18:50 (yeah I remember the exact moment 'cause it's just how much I like it). What makes me find this scene so amusing is the impression that, because she wasn't expecting to do it, Mio starts singing out of tune then recovers it a little later (this kind of attention to details is what makes K-ON! great). The whole pre/during concert scene is amazing, but this is what burned it in my mind. Do you think it's just my impression, or that really happened?
  • DrBlock42 reply Ritsu will always be the cutest ...
  • joshloft reply Good video
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply Speaking of botched anime adaptations, maybe you could do Sins of the Sisters or Violence Jack? (Go Nagai himself thought that the VJ OVAs were crappy.)
    • [ – ] bloodmachine parent reply The VJ ovas are kinda a fascinating counterpart to something like K-On. They also take everything in their respective episodic bits of manga, but put them out of order and add stuff that destroys the narrative structure and any slight amount of depth that the manga counterpart might have had. The the opening of the 3rd ova has really pretty visuals. Honestly, I'm kinda baffled by the choice of chapters they decided to adapt, why did they adapt random episodic sub-par bits, instead of something like the first part with the children surviving the earthquake and getting involved with VJ? That also seemed like astounding incompetence.
      • Fighting_Zenith parent reply It also needs to be said that the first two VJ OVAs were also poorly drawn in the animation department, have ink & paint errors, and the fansubs have translation mistakes. However, they did have excellent music. Sins of the Sisters was a sequel to a hentai that traded most of the sex for badly-done psychological horror. Plus, both episodes lacked narrative cohesion. On the other hand, it is solidly drawn/produced, and had interesting ideas/themes.
  • the1andonlystarman reply i think the manga design looks much better
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