Ocean Master Explained Batman Solo Movie Update | Mega Movie Moment

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  • MovieNewsandReviews reply Check out the newest video: https://vid.me/Xcoh
  • Lemonz reply Im holding a macbook giveaway on my channel! All you gotta do to enter is up vote my videos, leave comments and follow!
  • WebNoob reply it's been confirmed that Deathstroke is the villain for Batman. Honestly it would have been better if the Court of Owls were villains. Ben, don't disappoint me, you majestic bearded motherfucker.
  • MovieNewsandReviews reply Thanks Duffy! Lmao, I don't know, the new 52 version seems to have some potential there. :-) Thanks for watching!
  • duffy reply also...i'll PASS on amber heard. not very talented imo.
  • duffy reply sick video! you turned this around fast! ocean master might be the lamest villain name ever though lol.
  • Nathaneye reply im trying to grow on vidme please follow me
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