How To Make Money Doing What You Love To Do

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  • [ – ] KingFredrickVI reply I totally 100% agree with the interacting with the audience point and I always try to make a point to do it. I think that it's one of the best ways to keep people watching - interact with the people who watch.
    • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply Yah, it's one of the best ways to build a connection with your audience, and show them that you care and take the time to get back to as many people as possible. Obviously at some point it'll be impossible to do that with everyone, but I still think people with millions of subs should hang out in the comments section for a bit ;)
      • [ – ] KingFredrickVI parent reply I see quite a few super large channels on YouTube that will openly admit that. They miss the almost 1-1 connection they used to have with their viewers and being able to read and reply to every comment. And I can understand how they feel. I think there's a good channel size to be honest. Once you become too big, you start to feel a disconnect with your audience and almost a loss of passion or something large is missing that you use to love.
        • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply I agree that bigger isn't always better when it comes to this. I mean, even look at PewDiePie... 54 million subs but maybe an average of 5-7 million views per video... the engagement isn't very high. It's just impossible to cater to that many people, so of course many are probably to disengage. And yah, communicating with that many people is absolutely impossible haha. I think the hundred thousands is a nice place to be. Obviously, financially the more the merrier. But on the community side, too much will destroy that community feeling. Same as big cities/big countries vs small ones.
          • [ – ] KingFredrickVI parent reply I agree. I do wonder though for people who are stuck at places like 200K or 500K that even though their engagement is "amazing" they feel stuck. It almost seems like you have your "golden years" and you either live long enough to lose touch with your community or quit from feeling trapped. Tough world out there! Idk personally I'd be happy sitting at 10K with 500 views a video than 3M subs. A great example is H3H3 - they still produce great content and do a great job of interacting with their community but the problem is they make 1 goof and they have 10,000 people coming down on them getting angry and rioting lol.
            • Canadian_Consumer parent reply Yah. It's not easy, that's for sure! Especially for channels that also deal with social commentary or politics... haha like I have as well, it can be hard because people are so divided on many viewpoints. H3H3 doesn't have it easy in that way either. Some channels survive that and build an audience that mostly agrees with them, and other channels have the most shit audience that constantly attack the creator or other people in the comments lmao.
  • Canadian_Consumer reply Hey guys, thanks for watching :)
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