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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply well said dude! people who make channels in YT now get 0 views and 0 comments. Here anyone gets atleast 30 views so it means that people are noticing you. After some time you will notice the growth. Those who are complaining now don't understand how much harder it is in YT. Patience is the real test.
  • [ – ] TheGeekKeenan reply Just started Vidme, I really needed to see this video!
  • [ – ] Angry-Quad reply It's WORK! It takes time to grow ANYTHING.....
  • [ – ] n0dy88 reply I came over from youtube, i have 1100 subs on youtube.. but the content that i am creating here is getting way more love! IM a small channel, but the progression i am seeing on my channel alone is amazing! For the other channels.. HE is right! it is a grind! But ide suggest for those trying to get big in an online community.. BE APART of the community! share, like, comment.. Get involved, encourage others to do more! if someone is doing something that's offsetting but their content is decent! share your opinion! Naturally i create videos to show my friends how dumb they are sometimes. I record gaming sessions and post the stupid and off setting topics that they talk about while we game.. It is funny for us and some outsiders enjoy it as well.. Now if i never get big thats OK! I love making the content for my friends and myself! So find something that drives you! dont do the regular thing that everyone else does.. Be brave! crush your imagination and create! Anyways ill shut my mouth...more hole now.. Thanks for posting YungJ!
  • [ – ] Crator reply I just got started making some videos myself. I figure I'm better focusing on smaller communities then getting lost in the ocean that is youtube nowadays. Thanks for the this advice video.
  • WildleHouse reply i agree, do what you want to do. i'm the type of person that likes feedback, on content i make, i don't want to bore people. but it's true be you and people will find if they like the same thing, they join in or follow.
  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply do what you love! Build it and they will come....too much instant gratification now days nobody has patience or a hard work ethic.
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply I Like That You Said " stay True To Yourself " That's The Key .... We Are All One Of A Kind , Do What You Love ..... Great Video Man !!
  • [ – ] BracketNeutron reply I myself had a small following on YouTube, but there is a community on my channel. Not to say it's a good community, but there were still people interested in the content I produce. I'm not on Vidme to get verified, I'm here as an alternative and to a lesser extent a place to upload some exclusive content that isn't on my YT. I hate it when people try to cheat the system to try to get verified or trending.
    • [ – ] BigThoughts parent reply I get what your saying completely! And definitely also upload on Youtube! I must say however, my experience here is much better then Youtube at the moment. Cause, people actually check out your content and support one another. Something that is rare on Youtube in my eyes, But feel welcome here and do what you love, creating content!
    • YungJ parent reply I understand that for sure. Im just on vidme officially because I just love the community feel and how everyone supports one another.
  • [ – ] Supernatural_Sightings reply I haven't been on the trending page in a long time. I've kinda changed the way I do videos and I don't have time to constantly upload everyday. I'm hoping that my new videos will get watched. I'm happier doing my own thing now.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply I'll just continue uploading retarded 10-20 second long videos and be getting them followers OH YEAH
  • [ – ] SurgedAI reply Nicely put. Back on YouTube (Been making videos since 2014) Its defiantly a grind, but YouTube is a mass ocean not friendly for new channels at all. Within the time I've been on YouTube I've only gotten around 100 Subscribers. Now I don't care about numbers but on I've gotten around 34 within a month of uploading(Only recently started uploading more.) And it feels more human on here than it does on Gotta work long hard.
    • YungJ parent reply well said my dude. Youtube is definitely not new creator friendly it can be quite difficult.
  • [ – ] VictorSavelle reply Well said, I just talked about similar stuff as well. People try to boast their numbers with follow 4 follow and get impatient, which imo is actually hurting a fan base. Just keep grinding as you said. 👍
    • [ – ] YungJ parent reply I've never got the follow 4 follow thing going around. You wont gain a active community from that.
  • [ – ] mindofklink reply Great message! I've said a variation of what you said to many people that I've interacted with over the years. Unfortunately, some people don't want to hear it because they're after instant gratification. After 1 video they expect thousands of views and millions of subscribers/followers. Doesn't work that way, mate.
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply No matter if it's on YouTube, twitch, or Vidme it will ALWAYS be a grind. Creating videos is a fun hobby for me that I like doing and that's how it should be so this is a good message you're putting out fam
  • [ – ] LloydandJD reply Lots of people forget to do what they love. Something that people need to definitely need to reflect on! Cheers!
  • GoMGTOW reply None of which applies to my channel.... My content is a community service podcast for the betterment of Men. I don't see myself profiteering off of the misery of others.
  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply Excellent video. I started a channel to learn video editing but as with a lot of people I got lost in the crowd over on YT. I initially thought it was my content and I worked to improve sound editing etc but realised that my Bitchute views were usually > 100 where as on YT it was like < 10... Here on vidme it is still tiny amounts but I hope keeping my nose to the grind helps improve that!
  • [ – ] DemonGroceryStore reply Thanks, I'll keep uploading my videos even if I don't get verified. I know I'll get back on my feet.
    • YungJ parent reply you'll get verified trust me just takes a little effort and a lot of patience :) Keep doing you and you'll find success :)
  • [ – ] Glassic_Gamer reply I have noticed that you do grow much faster here than on YT and you get views within seconds of posting. So much different.
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