Too Soon! (Finding Comedy In Tragedy)

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  • JimGiant reply Is it too soon to joke about Thunderf00t murdering his channel?
  • [ – ] PineConee reply I hate to agree with everything you say- i sometimes feel like you can read my mind and its getting really really creepy.
  • taderhead reply Fuck'um and fuck their feels it's never too soon.
  • Ember_DL reply Is this tj's offical channel or no?
  • SaharaMist reply Offensive jokes sometimes helps in dark times while at the same time anger others, but that goes without saying. Sometimes humor is one's own way of dealing though.
  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply Finding Comedy In Tragedy until it's your own tragedy right TJ?
  • OVlogick reply Thank you for making this. I really appreciate dark humor.
  • blazedu reply too soon? IMO, yes. But no one should be prived of their free speech.
  • animeknight99 reply Ad Companies are so Hypothetical by Supporting news media like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and Sky News but when its a regular person online talks about something like this they don't support them. I think it all has to do with greed and how the Ad Companies want their ads on Bigger Platforms
  • Liberius96 reply Dark humor and humor alone is always better than crying.
  • MMXandersVlogs reply Because TJ Kirk is the Joker, they tried to do the same to Vee and he stood his ground and called them out on shit theyve said in the past. And I still get a guilty pleasure laugh or two out of Syeten Athiests truck of peace series, and still respect the seriousness of the situation.
  • The_Wicker_Man reply Now that TJ is on I finally had a reason to create an account. I hope more people will come here so i can spend more time on this site.
  • MidnightKittehBoi reply Brett blocked me for following him X3
  • paperfoxx7 reply I don't think there's a problem with making jokes, so long as you understand that some people (not just virtue signalers) will be upset by them. You seem to, so it's just your way of dealing with it. I think we wield very little power in the world, but we do affect the people around us. I'm not saying you should change, but it is interesting that you would be considered powerful and influential by some, but you seem to not see that power at all. I wonder if that's how we all are in some way or another.
  • IndecentContent reply The real question is why are the comedians attacked. Well my guess is because while all the tragedy in the world persist with or without them they are the ones who hold the mirror up at the humans.They show us the true tragic comedy of our world and rather than try and fix in what little way we can(not saying its of much use)we instead shoot the messager,when all they are doing is giving you a chance to laugh in the face of pain.
  • Hangman221 reply if this happened at a republican rally. then they would be full of jokes IMO
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