Eric Bolling's 19-year-old son found dead hours after Fox News announced will part ways

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  • GamersBay reply Now they're saying it was a drug overdose, a more likely scenario. I agree, I don't believe this kid would've just committed suicide because his dad lost his job. These people had money anyway, it wasn't like they were in financial ruin or something. Either way, I feel really bad for this guy. He lost the job he loved, and his son passes away. Here in St Louis the estimate is that we have literally 1 death as a result of opiates and opioids every 30 minutes. As for whether or not this guy actually did what his colleagues claimed, I still think its awful what he just went through, and people really shouldn't judge him based on hearsay. For which none of the claims made about him have ever been substantiated anyway.
  • AndyHoops reply Really unfortunate situation...but I doubt it was a suicide. Seems more likely that it was an accidental overdose. RIP :(
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