Did CNN Just Provoke an Inauguration Day Attack on Trump?!?

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  • TheGreyHam reply CNN = Corrupt News Network
  • FaBon reply Good catch I hope Trump is aware of what they did.
  • MightyMediocreMan reply This is the MOST dramatic US election in history IMO. I hope The Donald gives our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a good licken', he needs the SJW beaten out of him!. F'n Soros puppet.
  • [ – ] the_antiweeb reply it seem they're getting bolder and bolder. the good thing is: eventually they'll turn away enough people that are still kinda listening to their BS but are still open minded that even the last of their viewerbase will be gone... this is just them alienating even more people... rejoice! lol
  • DuesX187 reply I know I'll be tuning in live today.
  • [ – ] DieNetaDie reply not like people who are in power have not killed US Citizens before
    • [ – ] MightyMediocreMan parent reply But it's not quite right that a MSM news outlet, 'suggests' that the new prez be offed. So 'in your face', they don't even bother keeping things a secret anymore, but they ran out of armchair idiots, enough people finally got smart and woke (waking) up. .
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