I was WRONG about the Super NES Classic

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  • Orginaljun reply The controllers have wii u connection, the front panel is fake, you need to open it to see the connectors. I know for sure you can preorder at some stores here in Europe where i live. In America things go pretty fast i think. You have to go to a store which you only can order 1 per person. if a store doesn't preorder, the only way is to get them from day 1 and wait in line before even the store opens. Ive seen some online shops like amazon is already sold out and i think they didn't do the 1 per person order?. But i am certain that at least 1 store can preorder whether you live in amercia, europe or japan. If you really want it keep watching the online sites of your gaming stores or ask the stores when its available at the same time ask the question about preordering. I just gonna buy it for myself and maybe another for a friend or family member. The ones who are buying every snes mini for themself, its very sad, because i get the idea of earning money. At least leave some for the ol...mored school fans and new generation childeren who never experienced the amazing games from the old console. Yes you can play it from raspberry pi and emulators, but thats not the same feeling. Its like going to a museum watching a fake painting. :I When people can preorder it, do it as fast as possible because its going sold out before you even can say snes mini. ^^
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