Super NES Mini and Super Famicom Mini?

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  • [ – ] ZTV_Productions reply Did not know this was finally a reality. I just hope nintendo doesn't pull what they did with the nes mini. Nobody is looking forward to hunting one of these things down like it's pokemon.
    • [ – ] Orginaljun parent reply The best bet is ask the toy/ computer store nearby your city and ask when you can preorder it. snes mini is way more popular then the nes mini, just because of the amazing games and starfox 2 alone is worth the trouble. for the people who really want this, you have to stay updated at your own stores daily. ^^
  • Orginaljun reply Ive heard the snes mini cords are longer so that's a relieve. I mean on amazon the snes mini is sold out already. In uk most online stores is also sold out already. I live in Europe, so most retail stores have a rule in Europe that you can only order 1 per person. So That's good. The only thing it's gonna be sold out at preorder even when they are trying to sell it in day 1. So i am really excited about it.^^
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