Did Ancient Civilizations Have Superior Technology? Brien Foerster (clip from TJBS)

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  • fancyfig reply and where is that technology? why do we have so many examples of basic tools and primitive cultures around these monolithic sites, but we have no examples of the machines that he hypothesizes, there's not even a theory of how they're supposed to have worked. beyond that, where is the evidence of the civilization capable of building such a technology? it took us 10,000 years to get from the first agriculture to this level of technology, we should expect to find a similar gradual advancement for these people, that means steal, glass, bronze, rubber, plastic, aluminium, pottery, agricultural equipment, weapons, art, mass domestication, giant populations with house foundations, sewer systems, roads, massive trash heaps, engine blocks, and billions of human skeletons! and we shouldn't find evidence of any hunter-gatherers at the same time at the same place.
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