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  • [ – ] Ms_K reply awesome words of wisdom
  • [ – ] BibleandBlues reply I have that daily thing going. What I need is to challenge myself with that once a month bigger production. Praying for a fast recovery for you
  • [ – ] KW-Erion reply Bro, You and I are def on the same brain wave. Great points. Major thumbs up.
  • [ – ] BeingHere reply I've been coming out of my depression and have found that when I express myself on a video I feel better. I took care of my mom for 7 years, until she died 6 months ago. It's been hard to get back out in the world. But I take it a day at a time. Thanks for your words. I need to hear this, because sometimes I think my video's are stupid.
    • iAmEnglishTV parent reply Sometimes you just have to do this, our videos which we capture can seem stupid to ourselves, but it can be inspirational for others. I do what i do because i love to it. Do the same bro
  • [ – ] DrezzRodriguez reply Heal up! We're looking forward to some reviews and more videos. And keep pushin for that 4K (says the guy who uploads at 720p LOL)
  • [ – ] SHONUFF79 reply Channel looks interesting, I'll be back. Good topic and great video.
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply Good Deal , Keep Up The Good Messages >> You're Right On Point
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Dude I do vlogging as well but mostly I'm a sketch artist and flash animator, I'm also a gamer that I most like Nintendo and Sony but I don't post let's plays because I am more into my own creativity. At times I get a little nervous but at the same time, I keep on striving to do better.
  • [ – ] xHaVoK87 reply Really good words! Keep up the great work!
  • [ – ] GamePlayHQ reply yo :)
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Nice words of advice. I try to keep active and keep creating. Though sometimes that's easier said than done, and some days other life priorities crop up and then sometimes we may might just need a little break if not feeling so well or if feeling some burn-out. And of course everyone has their own situations going on. Still, it's good to try to think and act positive, keep doing what we enjoy, and going after our goals and dreams. Ok, hope you make a speedy recovery.
    • [ – ] iAmEnglishTV parent reply i know exactly about how life works, the reason i had to go dark for almost 5 months. I released when i could but didn't have a set schedule like i had been doing up until November last year. Just have to do what you can when you can, but many struggle with trying to get a schedule going down, which is something if your going to be successful you must do. at least 1 time a week you need to release something or your supporters will lose interest most times and move on.
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