RNG: Smelly Suckfest!! Combining Words

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  • [ – ] SteviePlays reply Firstly I want to say you need to get lighting in as it's so dark. Also the guy on the left really looks like he doesn't want to be doing the video.
    • [ – ] Lolzosaurus parent reply Thanks for the feedback! I have to say that this is an older video of ours though. Thanks for watching!
      • [ – ] SteviePlays parent reply Sorry I just want to apologize I was being rude. I have watched some more of your content. I must say I was drawn in to your new content.
        • Lolzosaurus parent reply Don't worry about it, It didn't come across as rude to me. I'm the guy on the left by the way, I wasn't really comfortable in front of a camera back then. I'm glad you like the new content though!
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