Top 12 Best Selling Nintendo Consoles - Episode #223 Highlights - Grindcast

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  • [ – ] wordsfrommyface reply Nice topic! To be fair, a lot of those systems either didn't have pack in games the whole run, or had several different pack in games, and a lot of people did go back and buy copies of otherwise packed in games. The game I got bundled with my N64 was Podracer, for instance. The NES had 2 different bundles at launch in North America, one with Super Mario Bros, the other with Gyromite and Duck Hunt, and they redid the bundles a bunch of times, and Super Mario Bros wasn't around for the first 2 years in Japan.
    • TheGrindedWord1 parent reply Thanks for more info!! I was kinda blown away for some of the games on this list, considering the classic libraries on all these systems. Thanks for watching the video and commenting!!!
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