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  • Willy_Schanke reply If you want to play tier 8-10, WoT is absolutely P2W. Several months of premium account, a handfull of tier 8 premium tanks, retraining a bunch crews +++ In other words the "full WoT experience" is so expensive it's stupid.
  • [ – ] Yuvaez reply It has to buffer every couple seconds for me but YouTube is completely fine regardless of quality settings. I hope they optimize vidme and the mobile app as well, they really need to have this technology down if they ever want to beat YT
    • [ – ] Hayashimo parent reply It's just growing pains. YouTube used to be the same way. I'll take occasional buffering over YouTube's anti-user policies any day. Though I have had no issue running any videos at 720p as long as I have it set there and do not rely upon the auto setting.
      • [ – ] Yuvaez parent reply Vidme really really lacks content creators though. I never watch YT vids if I can watch them on Vidme but sadly there's not many cases where that's true.
        • [ – ] Hayashimo parent reply That's all up to you and what you value or what you're willing to put up with. I was a YouTube user since '09, so I certainly had quite a few channels I was pretty tied to, but a few weeks ago I stopped using the site entirely. A few of my favorites post to VidMe, but I've lost a large number of them by switching. However, I look at it as a chance to find new content creators I would likely have overlooked were I just staying in my normal habits on YouTube. I actually had never heard of or watched Jingles back on YouTube. I only started watching him over here. It's a fun chance to learn of new and interesting content creators. But it's completely understandable if you feel like this site is missing something.
          • Yuvaez parent reply The only people I follow on here are Jingles, LifeofBoris and History Buffs. Not even close to the number I follow on YT. Wish more would switch so we can defy the power of YT.
  • NotchbackFiero reply I would argue that a premium account/premium time does affect gameplay to a degree. Jim Sterling is always hitting on this - you're paying to skip the grind. To play less of the game. So it makes sense for WG to make the grind less fun, you get you to by premium time. See: Early FR TDs, M3 Lee, stock modules, etc etc
  • Nikolai_Volkov reply While I don't always write off gold as pay to win, I do see it as a pretty big frustration when people insist on firing it all the time no matter what. It's for this reason I never had a problem with tanks like the Chrysler, since to me it's frontal armor was just a means of forcing goldspammers to learn to do something other then spam gold at a tanks front, or die. You'd be surprised how many people can't figure out to shoot at a tanks side, and have thus accused ME of being a wallet warrior because their gold spam can't kill me. Of course, I do the exact same thing in my Panzer VII, but since that's not a premium tank I just get accused of hacking.
  • [ – ] Yuvaez reply Vidme is really struggling to run this vid at anything above 480p while I have pretty damn good internet. I don't get it.
  • blu5664 reply ty your first point is they need some profit seems like all games do long as their reasomable . I like the grind
  • NighImpossible reply Jap Heavy are "everything wrong with WoT, the tank line." Only arty is worse.
  • trusteft reply The IS7s did not do everything right. Their option which they choose not to use against the Type 5 Heavy is to use HE. But, they either don't carry or they don't use it. Which means they are not doing all they could against it. In case anyone wonders, I don't even have a Type 5 Heavy yet.
  • dgeneratio1 reply On Console Jingles we have monthly earn ops to gain a Premium for free, I've earned Tiger Hammer, Tomato T-54 Mod 1, Soviet IS-3 A (Sold), T95E2, Revalorise, Champion Panther M10, Green KV-5 and more and only paid £25 in 3 years, most ops are doable but do costs you time. Type 5 Heavy on Console as well has High Penetration HEAT as its Premium Ammunition as people rightfully complained how OP the Premium Ammunition was on this thing. I heard a rumour (not seen as facts) but heard one day the PC's Type 5 Heavy may get the same Premium Ammunition.
  • RodBrauner reply And yet you will always have fan boys and Wargaming staff saying "it's not pay to win, you can buy premium ammo with credits!"
  • [ – ] TheTankingGamer reply My personal problem is everything is firing APCR as standard ammo. And spaced armour means nothing on the superpershing anymore because anything with 330 pen HEAT goes right through. I had a game where the Chinese tier 9 TD went clean through my mantle, SA and all, with HEAT and killed my gunner. That's not including the superaccurate tanks that snipe all my weakspots consistently while I'm lucky to hit their cupola twice in one match while being at point-blank range. AND I'm lucky if I penetrate said cupola.
    • TheTankingGamer parent reply Also, something about HEAT against sloped armour, jingles (where's the edit button on vidme) QB recently released a video about how shells worked and he said HEAT actually works very well against sloped armour. I don't remember off the top of my head what it was, but it was in this vid (It's at the correct time -5 sec):
  • Fudge_Lover reply Gotta love the gold.
  • M4sterBates reply it's pretty simple. I have made accounts that i both grinded only e-100. on 1 account i had premium and a premium tank. The other account was 100% free and i only could use premium ammo if i could afford it. Well let's say there is a 5% better win% on the paying account plus i grinded the e-100 just in 1 week. other took like 3 and a half weeks. And the win% difference between accounts on E-100 when grinding the big gun was almost 10%. just cause it was so easy to melt enemy heavies with the premium ammo vs trying to shoot ap against another e-100.
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