I Feel Like I Could Run: 3 Months After Hip Dysplasia Surgery

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  • [ – ] cerebralpisces reply I hope you fully recover soon. I hate seeing others in pain. Beautiful area. You are lucky to live in such a wonderful place. Stay positive and much love.
  • [ – ] Sk4zZi0uS reply Power through it but don't rush :) Just want to throw out there... how much surgery has improved over the years and almost how magical it is now. I remember when I was a kid and I had to have what would now be considered a pretty basic surgery... was off my feet for absolutely ages. Follow up surgeries I have had as I've gotten older, surgery gets done, back out into the world by the end of the day and encouraged to walk about by the end of the week :P no more loafing about I guess.
  • ToyBountyHunters reply @JessicaMartwin You're welcome! I am not familiar with Hip Dysplasia, but from the name I can more or less gather what it entails. Glad to see you're overcoming it.
  • ToyBountyHunters reply @JessicaMartwin Glad you're walking around and feeling better!
  • JessicaMartwin reply @toybountyhunters thanks :)
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