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  • no-name reply Even if the game was made it woud be doomed to fail becauz of too much expectations.
  • Andrew_Jax reply I probably wouldn't get into a sequel if it went VR. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but I actually enjoy kicking back in my desk chair with a mouse and a keyboard.
  • FlyingMillennial87 reply I'm not much of a gamer (Call of Duty: World at War is my favorite) but I see the potential. i might just have to check it out.
  • QuazzVids reply While I disagree that the game still holds up after 12 years, it was nice hearing your input on it. I haven't understood why people like the series until today. Anyway, I doubt Valve will make HL3 any time soon, if at all. They are a game reselling company mostly these days. While there is a huge demand for a sequel, imagine what chaos would ensue if they messed it up! Reputations ruined and future sales plummet. I think they want to play it safe and just keep on selling games, lol.
  • e_jeck reply As much as I want a Half Life 3, I understand perfectly why Valve will not make it. With the vitotrol that would come from the whine-baby crowd, it simply is not worth Valve's time and effort. This Ritalin-filled and entitled crowd will complain that the game falls below its expectations not matter what. Nothing satiates these entitled beasts. Some would say that even if all this is true, it shouldn't stop Valves from at least trying. Oh contrary mon ferry. If I KNEW that if I spent my time and creativity crafting something like a HL3, that the end result would be a bunch of sneering and sniveling crybabies took all my effort and love and spit on it, I wouldn't do a damn thing. As it stands, Valves ends on a -- though not complete -- high note with Half Life 2. Valve has closed the book on HL3 and for good reason. This is why we can't have nice things.
  • wqqqwq21 reply It would be nice but Valve would have to make a massive commitment that would have to go beyond one game. A hiring spree involving the best in the business and no one would come cheap as they would also have to convince them to move to Seattle, along with competing on wage and control.
  • TheAtheistSheep reply Wow I love this website
  • Echo_Hotel reply The Half Life series is a revolutionary series. Half Life set the bar for scripted events, things happened you could interact with the world floors and walls broke cutscenes were in engine before Halflife weapons fall floated in midair. it was amazing, for the time. Half Life 2 set the bar for UNscripted events through physics and ai. The NPC's had lip syncing,, it was amazing. Half Life 3 is going to set the bar for... something, it won't be the first or the best of all time in every way but it will leave an indelible mark on the way games are designed. I hope Valve is aiming for a VR game but is waiting for the market to settle and mature and really penetrate with commodity grade VR equipment first.
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