Star Trek Lore : Startrek Discovery Failure

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  • [ – ] GaryTurbo reply As long it helps develop the characters, it shouldn't matter. On Power Rangers they did highlight LGBT and autism to show that they exist at the same time you can learn more about the characters. Just dont shove it in the movie like that god awful Age Of Ultron when suddenly they gave Hawkeye out of the blue or Wonder Woman where Zeus was Dianas father, thats pushing an agenda.
    • LoreReloaded parent reply I concur.. Kind of like I said in the video - They added all of this stuff to their previous trek series. This feels like its being over emphasized and over shadowing. Normalize it, use it to tell good stories, highlight it..but be star trek first.. best way to have it make an impact..imo..
  • [ – ] Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Some people love some sci-fi in their progressive-libtard-SJW-cultural-marxist-narrative. I can't blame them for that...but for everything else.
    • [ – ] LoreReloaded parent reply Star Trek normally pushes Social Justice.. I just wish they didn't reverse it ;P
      • Victor_von_Doom_Jr parent reply Well, to be honest there is nothing wrong with equality of opportunity which Star Trek "pushed" since the 60's but not to the expense of it's content. The issue starts when they misunderstand the concept of being equality of outcome which the narrative of the SJW is in a nutshell. If you have to be a captain because you're a woman, gay or transgender and they shoving it down your throat without any hint of subtely, it become immediately stale and disgusting. And they still don't get. The majority of people reject such concepts because it collides with reality even in a fictional universe like Star Trek. The funny part is, this exact scenario has been described in a parody of SJW in a book called "Forbidden Thoughts".
  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Having a female captain is not an highlight? I am not really into star trek to be honest but I don't remember I female captain before this one. :) Very interesting, thanks for sharing :)
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply I agree. Some movies these days are a bit forced due to modernization. They forget the reason why fans loved these franchise.
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply I loved this style, yes, i, as someone who had Kirk, Spock and McCoy teleport to him in his early years 100% endorse this type of video bloggery style
  • [ – ] TheBrewMonks reply Good points Lore! Loving the new stuff!
  • [ – ] GSP-4ME reply SJW Star Trek? - sounds like social engineering - no thanks
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