Mad Max 2 "The Road Warrior" Review

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  • slyofwar reply 0/10 they killed the dog Even Alien 3 had an assembly cut re-release to fix this issue
  • StCerberusEngel reply While I like the first movie more than you seemed to, I like this one a hell of a lot more. Though I did have the same thought you did about how much gas they're wasting trying to get gas. lol
  • [ – ] GaryTurbo reply Technical, you don't need oil to manufacture an electric car
    • StCerberusEngel parent reply Motors have moving parts. Moving parts create friction. Friction creates heat. Heat causes distortion, warping, and fire. Oil is still kind of important to prevent your electric motor from dying.
    • [ – ] Victor_von_Doom_Jr parent reply BS. Try it and then come back to us about your epic failure. My MA in Engineering wants to hear about it.
      • [ – ] GaryTurbo parent reply Its because I'm converting my mustang to electric and I had built an electric motor before
        • Victor_von_Doom_Jr parent reply Every motor, every engine, every tool you make needs oil. Period. Grease your gears with fairy dust simply doesn't work. If it involves mechanics it's bound to use some kind of oil to reduce wear and tear and friction. Some electrical engines even use oil for cooling.
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