OP;ED - Judging the Past by the Present

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  • KimHanson reply Actually I judge the past and the present by my standards. My overriding premise is freedom. Anytime someone does something for someone else's "own good" I am, at the very least, suspicious. More often I am livid.
  • hilltothesouth reply That sudden shift from talking about judging Islam by its own standards and going back to talking about judging the past by present standards was a little too abrupt. It destroys the viewer's train of thought too quickly and might piss some anti-Muslims off because they didn't have enough time to really digest what you were saying, and then they lash out as an emotional reaction. This is exactly how I felt before I rewatched that part about Islam. Other than that, great video as usual.
  • Sp4rkz reply that background looks great!
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