Urara Meirochou Review/First Impressions {EP 1 - 4}

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  • [ – ] Weeznaz reply Fan service, how dare they ;) This anime does look kind of meh though
    • MissMulti parent reply It definitely wasen't just the fanservice though, if there was a good story there i'd watch it for sure. Thanks for stopping by :-)
  • [ – ] AliceB reply Fan seevice is for guys, most of these animes are for guys (mostly 16-28 yo), making it pointless to criticize fan service for what it is (eye candy). Japan doesn't have much of the social justice bullshit that the west has, in japan woman are submissive, serve males and have different assigned gender roles, which makes it hard for westeners/millenials/feminists to watch these kind of core japanese styles of anime.
    • [ – ] AliceB parent reply Just a note, you earned yourself anothe follower, you have a great fun soothing voice, and your review is pretty entertaining :3
      • MissMulti parent reply I understand what you are trying to say, but fanservice is a huge part of anime and i feel that i should say how i felt about it in any anime that i review, as not saying anything isen't really giving people my full opinion. The fanservice was also just a part of why i disliked this anime there was more to it than that as i stated in the review. Thanks for watching, glad you enjoyed it anyway :-)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I enjoyed the review. I don't know much about anime and I don't play computer games often, but I just like listening to the sound of your voice. Very soothing. Britishly soothing. You described things very well and said the words "fan service" several times. Good job!
  • [ – ] Tordusk reply Great review! I like how you are very honest when expressing your views on anime. Personally, I have never heard of this anime until now lol.
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