I am sorry for this... :( (Black Ops #187)

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  • [ – ] FPSjunky reply Nvm on the pc part. Clearly it is lol.
    • djluvorng parent reply question tho. are you usa or euro?
    • [ – ] djluvorng parent reply It has a cult folowing very small about 700 people all you can find is tdm on nuketown or the original maps no dlc xD
      • [ – ] FPSjunky parent reply sweet! still pretty cool to see!. and U.S.A !
        • [ – ] djluvorng parent reply cool, if you do get the game, hit me up :)
          • [ – ] FPSjunky parent reply sounds like a plan! :)
            • [ – ] djluvorng parent reply Hey, if you want you can check out my youtube channel. I am not usually one to self promote, but I have a whole playlist of over 150 blackopis gameplays ;) maybe you will like? Obviously you don't have to but if you have read this far into the comment then thanks xD
              • [ – ] FPSjunky parent reply already have! :)
                • [ – ] djluvorng parent reply Wow Thanks xD I feel silly now
                  • FPSjunky parent reply don't! I enjoyed your content so wanted to see where you came from!. I'm on here pretty much 100 percent now. I had a channel not gonna name it cause I have not posted anything in over 4 years but had good run on youtube back in the but I was dumb and let it die. and this site feels like youtube back when I started and I love it so much. but ill pop in and support both your channels because I enjoy your content very much!
  • FPSjunky reply Is this pc?. Does this game still have a following on pc and playable?. If so im getting it this was my favorite cod.
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